The Bonus of Board Service

Board service is an excellent opportunity to contribute to an organization. It can also be a great way to enhance personal and professional skills and expertise. Serving on a board helps you to learn about different leadership styles, corporate cultures and business models while also expanding your peer, professional and community networks.

Volunteering on a nonprofit board has been shown in studies to improve people’s appreciation for others from diverse backgrounds and understanding of the challenges others experience. As a result, people who serve on boards are more compassionate and open-minded, and they build more inclusive teams and make more inclusive hiring and promotion decisions.

The benefits of serving on a board are undeniable: it can expand your knowledge through the development of broad skills such as board governance, conflict resolution, crisis management, critical thinking and problem solving, consensus building and team leadership.

Serving on a board can also expose individuals to the current thinking of other service-minded professionals representing a variety of industries. Furthermore, it helps one to strengthen their connections within their communities and provides an opportunity to engage with others whose values align with their own.

Many people find that serving on a board of directors is a rewarding experience, but it is one that must be carefully considered before committing to an organization. Before joining a board, one should consider the following: 

  • Does the mission/purpose of the organization coincide with your own beliefs?
  • Is it feasible for you to fully participate in and interact in committee and board meetings?

The strongest directors have the time to contribute and actively participate in debate to further the interests of the organization while growing personally and professionally at the same time.

The YWCA Edmonton Board of Directors is currently looking for new members to help us achieve our mission. For more information, please click here.