Members of YWCA Edmonton are extremely important to our organization.

When you become a member, you create the link between YWCA Edmonton, the community, our programs and services, and our Board of Directors.

As a voting member you directly impact our services, our direction and our voice through our governance. (Note: You must be a member for at least 30 days prior to an Annual General Meeting in order to have voting privileges at the meeting.)

Member Benefits

When you become a YWCA Edmonton member, you:
  • become another voice advocating for women in our community.
  • have voting rights at our Annual General Meeting, electing our Board of Directors.
  • belong to the movement for women’s full equality in Edmonton, Alberta, and Canada.
Women and those persons who identify as women, 18 years of age and over, are eligible to become voting members.

Types of Membership

  • Member (18-59 years old); $30/year
  • Senior Member (60+ years old); $15/year
  •  Youth Member (under 18 years old); $15/ year [Youth Memberships are non-voting]

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