About YWCA

Reconciliation Action Plan

At YWCA Edmonton, we embrace the journey of reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, honouring their rich contributions, cultures, and lived experiences. Acknowledging the truth of our colonial past, we are committed to being a trusted ally in dismantling systemic barriers, promoting inclusivity, and advocating for Indigenous rights. 

Our Reconciliation Action Plan, inspired by the TRC’s Calls to Action, goes beyond policies — it’s about heart, healing, and humanity. We strive to Indigenize and decolonize our spaces, foster deep relationships with Indigenous communities, and engage in continuous learning. This living document guides us in our mission to support Indigenous healing and empowerment, striving for a just and inclusive future for all. [Read more…]

Land Affirmation

We acknowledge  that we are on the traditional land of Treaty 6 Territory and the Metis Homeland of Region 4. The footsteps of diverse Indigenous peoples have marked this territory from time immemorial — First Nations, Metis, Inuit and now settlers from around the world. 

We are all treaty members, with recognition and respect for Indigenous Peoples and the traditional territories on which we live, work and play. We call upon our collective honoured traditions and spirits to share responsibility for stewardship of this beautiful land and our community.

YWCA Edmonton is committed to truth and reconciliation. This includes understanding the truth of our shared colonial history, making positive changes within our organization and taking actions that advance justice, safety and equity for Indigenous peoples across Turtle Island.

Our Mission

Advocate for equity through a woman’s perspective, educating, empowering and inspiring those we serve.

Our Vision

A community with equity, opportunity, and choice for all.

Our Values

Guided by integrity, empowerment, diversity, innovation, equity, and compassion, YWCA Edmonton is committed to fostering an inclusive community enriched by trust, opportunity, and dignity for all individuals.


We have the fundamental responsibility to conduct all of our relationships with integrity in a clear, honest and ethical manner.

  • We protect your trust by keeping our promises and using your funds in the manner directed and in the spirit in which they were given.
  • We are transparent and we are accountable for our decisions.
  • We are committed to the development and delivery of ethical programming for our clients and participants. 


We encourage individuals to recognize the ability and strength within themselves to build a life of dignity with the courage to reach their dreams.

  • We encourage respect for self, each other and the environment.
  • We build leaders.
  • We encourage self-awareness.
  • We facilitate action.
  • We demand accountability.
  • We encourage and support our clients and participants to challenge themselves through our programming at the YWCA and in their personal lives outside of the agency.


We believe that individuals of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and abilities are necessary to create a vibrant environment that will successfully meet the needs of our community.

  • We encourage candidates of different backgrounds, experiences and abilities to apply for our staff/contractor/volunteer/board/committee positions.
  • We strive to engage individuals and organizations of different backgrounds, experiences and abilities to offer their opinions, skills and talents.
  • We adapt our programming and services to meet the diversity of clients and participants of different backgrounds.
  • We welcome, facilitate and value the contributions of all people who want to support us in fulfilling our mission to build a community with equity, choice and opportunity for all.


We have the courage to change course and we believe in creating unique solutions that anticipate the changing needs in the community.

  • We see change as an opportunity to develop programs that meet our clients and participants needs.
  • We actively seek feedback on programs and services from our clients and incorporate this information into current and future programs and service delivery.
  • We have the courage to change course and blaze new paths when needed, ensuring that our work remains relevant and impactful.


We are a feminist organization that believes when working for the equity of women, girls and gender-diverse individuals, we work for the equity of all. 

  • We listen and value the voices of all genders.
  • We advocate for the equity of women and gender-diverse individuals through our community involvement, advocacy, programs and services delivery.
  • We embrace and support the unique perspectives of women and gender-diverse individuals.


We bring compassion and empathy to all we do. 

  • We work to understand the challenges that people face.
  • We are committed to the well-being and growth of the lives that we touch.
  • We talk openly and positively about our work.
  • We value and recognize the time and efforts of our staff, volunteers and community partners.