Statement on Roe vs Wade Decision

Safe abortion access is an issue of equity.  As pro-choice organizations, the YWCAs of Alberta stand united in our deep concern and disappointment around the US Supreme Court decision to overturn the Roe vs. Wade legislation. Our hearts go out to those in the United States who have been stripped of their reproductive rights.
Protecting the rights of women and gender diverse people here in Canada is more important than ever. As the province’s oldest and largest women’s organizations, we urge all Canadians who support gender equity to raise their voices in protecting and increasing access to the full spectrum of reproductive health options and supports in Canada.
For those of you grieving this decision, we ask that you turn your anger and outrage into action and lasting change. Contact your MP and MLA immediately to express your support for safe and widespread access to reproductive health options; support gender equity-seeking organizations; and stay vigilant and informed on this issue.
A woman’s right to choose is her own.
Safe abortions save lives.

The YWCAs of Alberta have been advocating for women in this province for more than 100 years. We have seen remarkable strides made toward achieving equity for all, including in the fight to secure reproductive rights. We will continue our advocacy work to ensure these rights are accessible to all.