The Rose Campaign is a national advocacy campaign to end violence against women, girls and gender minorities. The campaign was created to commemorate 14 young women who were murdered at l’Ecole Polytechnique, by calling for action on violence against women and promoting strategies to stop violence in our communities. 

Gender-based violence is not only preventable, it is a barrier to creating true equity in our community. The Rose Campaign is marked each year from November 25 to December 10, and it brings to light what we can all do to make the lives of women, girls and gender minorities safer.

How YWCA Edmonton Takes Action on Gender-Based Violence

We all have a role to help end gender-based violence in our communities – supporting YWCA Edmonton helps ensure over 9,000 individuals will receive the essential violence prevention and recovery programs they need to live healthy lives, free of violence.

Since 1907, YWCA Edmonton has been supporting and empowering women and girls. Violence prevention and recovery are at heart of many of our programs: Counselling Services, which uses a trauma-informed approach; Youth Programming, which teaches youth about healthy relationships, consent and how to handle gender-based violence; and healing retreats that we host at Camp Yowochas, a safe place for women and families to begin their healing journeys while recovering from violence. Our advocacy work at all levels of government works to both alleviate immediate community need and help create widespread systemic impact to improve the lives of women, girls and gender minorities in our community, our province, and beyond. 



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