Imagine That: A BIPOC Youth Guide to Navigating Teenage Identity is a free, virtual, national conference that will take place Friday, August 13th to Saturday, August 14th, 2021.  

Imagine That welcomes Black, Indigenous, and other cisgendered girls, trans and gender nonconforming, and two spirit folks of colour from the ages of 13-16 all across Canada.  



“Dream the world as it ought to be.”
– Toni Morrison


The Imagine That conference originated with the guiding question “what do I wish I knew” as a first generation young Black woman born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. By thinking about what I would go back and tell myself as a teenager in regards to navigating my identity and spaces that were not “built” for me, I began brainstorming workshop sessions that would later turn into a two-day conference proposal. 

The title Imagine That stems from Toni Morrison’s essay “The Future of Time,” and her Sarah Lawrence commencement address, which both note the importance of “dream[ing] the world as it ought to be.” In hosting this event, our objective is to encourage participants to imagine beyond their current reality through learning the language necessary to articulate their experiences and positionality within systems, and create new ones. 

Brandi Morin is a French/Cree/Iroquois journalist from Treaty 6 in Alberta. She is passionate about showcasing stories of injustice, human rights, environment, culture, tradition and resilience from an indigenous viewpoint.



The conference is divided into three streams, each of which will host two workshops. Apart from the workshops, participants will meet in “homerooms.” These sessions will provide attendees across the country with the opportunity to meet and chat with one another on different topics and activities facilitated by a “mentor” in small groups.


Participants will be able to make their own schedules by choosing the workshop sessions that are most interesting and relevant to them! That way, you can make the session times work for you and join at your convenience.

Stream 1: Self

Session 1: “Pretty for A ____ Girl”
Session 2: Emotions As Data

Stream 2: Community

Session 1: “Two Times Better:” Social Media and the Pressure to be Excellent
Session 2: Freeing the Imagination: Solidarity Across Difference(s)

Stream 3: Systems

Session 1: Patriarchy and Intersectional Feminism 101
Session 2: Intro to Decolonization


Sogand Zakerhaghighi is an Iranian-Canadian who holds a Masters Degree in Counselling (MC) and a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Sociology (BA), and has various certifications in Health and Wellness Lifestyle Coaching, Cyber-counselling, as well as Art Therapy Life Coaching.


Karlyn is a Certified Emotional Intelligence and Neuro-Life Coach focused on creating leadership strategies rooted in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. Karlyn is the CEO of KDPM Consulting Group Inc. and the Founder of SisterTalk Group Leadership and Wellness Academy.

Spots are limited, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Join us in learning more about ourselves and each other, and register today to secure your spot! 

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