Lakeside Haven

A Retreat for Women and Children

Lakeside Haven is a retreat held at Camp Yowochas for women and children who have experienced family violence and are currently living in a shelter.

The retreat offers these families a safe, nurturing space to heal as a family, while exploring new activities, like:

  • canoeing
  • kayaking
  • archery
  • zip-lining
  • bouldering
  • trust-building games
  • nightly family-time campfires

The difference Lakeside Haven makes

Lakeside Haven is an opportunity for families to improve emotional, social, and physical well-being by providing safe, supportive, high-quality experiences in a healthy outdoor space.

The women and children who attend experience both short- and long-term benefits, knowing they can heal, have hope, and be a family again, free from the threat of violence.

“Lakeside Haven was very important to me and my children. My children have been through so much. Hearing them laugh, watching them let loose and learn to trust, to be kids again, was so valuable to me. They also got to watch their mom overcome her fears, and that helped me discover a more confident version of myself that I didn’t know existed. This was literally the best weekend of our lives; it meant the world to us.”

— Lakeside Haven Mom

Who can attend Lakeside Haven


Living free from violence for approximately 6 months is crucial to the effectiveness of the Lakeside Haven retreat experience. At this juncture, families are no longer embroiled in daily violence and, therefore, are more receptive to respite, healing, and learning new coping skills.

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Help more families heal

Donate to Lakeside Haven so we can offer the program to even more women and children living at Wings of Providence, and expand it into other areas of need.