PART 3: 1989

Izena Podcast Cover 3

1989 was a high water mark for women working hard to shatter the glass ceiling at Edmonton City Hall. Not only did Edmontonians elect their first female mayor (Jan Reimer), but they also elected for the first time an equal number of women and men to serve on council. We talk to Reimer, still the first and only woman elected to lead Edmonton, about the highs and lows of her mayoralty and her experience wading through the deep-seated sexism and misogyny that confronted her every day. 

We also hear from two former Reimer staffers — Kathy Vandergrift (Edmonton’s first female chief of staff to a mayor) and John Brennan — about the behind-the-scenes efforts to support a female mayor during this wild, tumultuous and sometimes hilarious time in Edmonton’s history.

Guests: Jan Reimer, Kathy Vandergrift and John Brennan