Alderman, 1954-1960

Laurette was born in Lucan, Ontario and moved to Edmonton when she was just a baby. She attended McTavish’s Business College in Edmonton and the Los Angeles Polytechnic School, as well as the High School of Commerce in San Francisco.

Laurette held a number of secretarial and clerical positions after business college. Eventually, she went into business with her brother, taking care of the office in their moving and storage company.

Between 1935 and 1944, she was secretary to Mayor J. W. Fry. While in office, she was in favour of giving council members a course in parliamentary procedure before they took office.

While on Edmonton City Council, Laurette served as a member of the Edmonton District Planning Commission. She won the Liberal nomination in Edmonton-Centre for the June 18, 1959 provincial election, but lost in the election.

Laurette passed away on December 27, 1990.


Sources: Edmonton Journal, October 13, 1966; Edmonton Bulletin, April 5, 1938; City of Edmonton Archives.

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