Alderman, 1983-1995

Lillian was born in Lethbridge, Alberta on May 19, 1943.

Liliian received the Private Pilot of the Year Award (Edmonton and Alberta) in 1974, and the Governor-General’s Shield of Flying in 1976. Lillian became manager and full partner of Panther Oil Ltd., in 1980.

Lillian was elected Alderman for Edmonton’s Ward 5 in four consecutive elections, holding office between 1983 and 1995. During her time on council,  she was served on the Development Appeal Board and was amember of Edmonton Regional Planning Commission, Downtown Development Corporation, Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, and Edmonton Convention and Tourist Authority. Lillian was defeated in the 1995 election, coming in third place, only a few hundred votes shy of the newly elected Ward 5 councillors.

Lillian served as a volunteer with University of Alberta Hospitals, Norwood Readiness Centre and Trinity Day Care Centre.


Source: Alberta who’s who 3rd ed.,P 372L