Creating an environment for voices to grow

Camp Yowochas is situated on 50 acres of beautiful aspen parkland forest. With unparalleled access to water, undisturbed forest, flora, fauna, and wetlands, our environment is our most powerful teaching tool as a summer camp and outdoor education centre.

“Much of our teaching comes in the form of facilitation,” explained Natalie Armbruster (a.k.a. “Hawk”), one of the Assistant Directors at Camp Yowochas. “Canoeing, for example, isn’t just going out and splashing in the lake for half an hour. Canoeing takes team work; the person in front is providing power while the person in the back is steering. We use this experience to teach children how to use their voices to communicate respectfully with one another, and how to think positively when faced with new or challenging situations.”

Our counsellors work closely with campers, providing practical advice and structured education around all the skills needed to lead the next generation.

“It’s about helping them find a strong voice, so they can lead effectively,” she said.

Activities teach campers problem-solving, how to support one another as they achieve goals, and how to respect one another while acknowledging differences — valuable lessons they will carry with them throughout their lives.

As they learn, campers are encouraged to test and honour their limits. The goal is to empower them to develop and use their voice, so they can practice respect for themselves, others, and the environment.

“We believe you need to be uncomfortable sometimes, in order to grow,” said Natalie. “But once you really know yourself, you’ll be able to use your voice and speak up.”