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Bald For Beautiful

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 I don’t think there’s a time I can recall where I didn’t feel tied to my appearance; self-conscious and always wanting to change who I was and how I looked to fit in, be accepted, and worthy of some sort of belonging.

Could it be? That I’m NOT the only one? Not the only one that, felt every ounce of who I was and the love I deserved was directly tied to my “beauty”. Has this message really been so embedded into our minds that we simply go through the motions, prepping and preening ourselves every morning with zero awareness that we are so attached to this made-over person?

Keep It In The Ring

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‘Keep it in the Ring’(*)

Edmonton MFC Fighter Vic Valimaki Supports YWCA Edmonton


The world of MMA (mixed marital arts) combines excitement, athleticism, strength and, in the eyes of some, violence. 

YWCA Edmonton has partnered with local MFC (Maximum Fighting Championship) Fighter, Vic Valimaki, to help erase the stigma that MMA is solely a violent sport and to raise awareness of the importance of leaving “fighting” to the professionals. 

Walking a Mile in Her Shoes

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Men in heels – leopard print, bright pink, shiny red – is a rare sight in Churchill Square on workday. On Tuesday, September 11 hundreds of brave men in heels gathered for the YWCA Walk a Mile in Her Shoes.

The men were utterly confused about how to wear heels – with socks, pantyhose or barefoot? Men were uncertain how to style a pair of pumps – understated with a business suit? Or styled casually with jeans? The event was lighthearted with lots of laughs. An entire football team charging at you in heels is beyond funny (and a little scary).