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I have thought a lot about writing this.  I do not blog.  I am not a frequent user of social media.  However, I am female; I am a mother; and frankly, I am angry.

I am angered by the fact that the definition of consent is something that continues to require discussion.

I am tired of the lack of surprise over new stories of rape and violence towards women in the media.

Our Choice is Pro-Choice, Says YWCA Canada

Toronto, Thursday September 27, 2012– YWCA Canada, the country’s oldest and largest women’s multi-service organization welcomes the resounding defeat of Motion 312 in the House of Commons. The motion would have struck a committee to examine sections of the Criminal Code that establish when a human being comes into existence under law. Download the full media release below

Equal Voice More Women are Elected to Alberta Legislature

Edmonton/Calgary, AB -

More women will be present in the Alberta legislature after Monday’s election. A total of 23 women were elected, making up 26.4% of the new legislature. This represents an increase of 5.9% from the 2008 election, when 17 women were elected. The size of the Legislature increased from 83 to 87 seats...Download the full media release below.