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Lessons from Fox: The World’s Oldest Summer Camper™

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I grew up in a really big family in a really small town. My summers were spent riding my bike, playing sports and playing with my friends. If it was a truly adventurous summer, I would spend time with one of my big sisters in another small town in Saskatchewan.  I never went to summer camp. I doubt it was even an option given how much it would have cost my parents to send all of us.

Yahoo's Hail 'Mary' Pass

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Since announcing Marissa Mayer’s appointment to Yahoo as CEO, several media themes are emerging.  A few ask why predominantly more women are selected for doomed leadership roles.  Perhaps the diverse skill sets of women, created through years of balancing work and family, have greater potential to save troubled companies? 

- Darcie Roach
   YWCA Advocacy Committee Member

*photo courtesy TopNews.in