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Therapy Methods | EMDR

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)

Are you are struggling with painful memories from past trauma? Considering what types of therapy might be most useful? Let me tell you about Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR).

In a nutshell, EMDR aims to help you reprocess memories of past traumatic events that your brain failed to properly process originally. 

Curtis Hargrove Walking a Mile, or rather, 185 Miles, in Her Shoes!

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“No one should have to suffer from violence or live a scared life”

Just on the heels of completing his run across Canada for the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation, 24 year old Curtis Hargrove is taking on the incredible challenge of walking from Cold Lake to Edmonton, that’s 185 miles or 300 km, in women’s high heels as part of the YWCA Edmonton’s Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event.

When we asked Curtis why he decided to do this, he responded,

Once the shoes were on….all “heel” broke lose!

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On August 7th, the local members of Aggression Fighting Championship (AFC) donned heels at Complete Fitness & Martial Arts for the YWCA Edmonton’s Walk a Mile in Her shoes.  Although there were plenty of laughs to be had, these tough UFC/MMA fighters knew the serious nature of why they were there and were more than happy to join Team AFC.

YWCA Canada’s Rose Campaign to end violence against women and girls

Ottawa, Monday, November 26, 2012 – Most teenage girls and young women who leave home are trying to escape sexual abuse and violence, says YWCA Canada, but when they hit the street, they don’t find safety. Violence and abuse lie in wait, along with a high risk of poverty, addiction and prison.

Family Violence Shouldn’t Stay At Home

Media Advisory from The City of Edmonton

Photo Opportunity: A display of approximately 500 pairs of shoes representing the number of children who have stayed at WIN House will be showcased.

Family Violence Shouldn’t Stay At Home

Edmonton, October 31, 2012 – Councillor Linda Sloan and President and CEO of the Edmonton Eskimos Len Rhodes will proclaim November Family Violence Prevention month.

Walking a Mile in Her Shoes

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Men in heels – leopard print, bright pink, shiny red – is a rare sight in Churchill Square on workday. On Tuesday, September 11 hundreds of brave men in heels gathered for the YWCA Walk a Mile in Her Shoes.

The men were utterly confused about how to wear heels – with socks, pantyhose or barefoot? Men were uncertain how to style a pair of pumps – understated with a business suit? Or styled casually with jeans? The event was lighthearted with lots of laughs. An entire football team charging at you in heels is beyond funny (and a little scary).

Are you MAN Enough?

So, our 3rd Annual Walk A Mile In Her Shoes event is now open for registration and the buzz has already begun around the office. This year we have a lofty (but achievable) goal of $100,000 to help fund our growing list of programs that help women and children recover from -and prevent- family violence.

Throughout our website you can see some of the good work we do, but there's also work behind the scenes that the YWCA doesn't advertise, because we provide them to other non profits (not the general public.)  For example:

Statistics Canada Publish Family Violence Profile

The Daily, Statscan

According to police-reported data, about 99,000 Canadians were victims of family violence in 2010. Of these,
almost 50% were committed by their spouse. An additional 17% were committed by a parent, 14% by an extended family member, 11% by a sibling and 9% by a child, usually a grown child. Download the full media release below