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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Some days I feel incredibly privileged to live in Canada.  Last week, I met Ida Ituze. Ida is a lawyer, speaks at least three languages, represents young women for the YWCA Rwanda and also on the International level as a Vice-president with the World YWCA. 

Ida is here in Edmonton to perfect her English and possibly pursue a master’s degree.   Ida tells us a little about how the YWCA in Rwanda is relatively new.  It was established in concern for the many widows and children left in the wake of the 1994 Genocide.  Through her work with the YWCA, Ida counsels and mentors women on their human and property rights.  

When asked about her family she replied that “I have no parents.  No one has parents, we are all orphans together, so we keep moving forward.”  I was so struck by that statement, the absence of parents as being the norm. whereas Ida was struck by the concept that even here in Edmonton we need social service agencies to address the continuing reality of domestic violence. 

My takeaway from our meeting… a shared YWCA bond with women around the world working for a better future and the reality that as people of this earth we still have so much to learn about living together in peace.

- Nora Begoray, YWCA Edmonton staff member

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